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As one of the top solar panel installers and suppliers in Melbourne, we want you to know why our solar energy systems are among the very best, but also the reasons why you should install solar power in the first place. Solar energy is a booming alternative energy source in Melbourne and the rest of Australia.

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6 Top Reasons to Install Solar in Melbourne

1 in 5 households in Australia now has solar, many businesses are also now taking advantage of this renewable energy. As a home or business owner in Melbourne and surrounding Victoria, shouldn’t you also find out how you can benefit?

Melbourne, despite its southern location in Australia, receives a large amount of daily sunlight, making it an ideal location for solar energy systems – but there are countless benefits beyond just that.

Here are six of the top reasons why you should consider installing solar in your Melbourne home or business.

1. Sunshine Levels

Even though Melbourne has the lowest amount of sunshine of all the Australian cities, it still enjoys roughly 2200 hours annually

Yes it’s a little obvious but Australia truly is a sun-kissed country.

Nearly the entire country enjoys a high amount of sunshine days, especially compared to other countries and continents around the world.

Although Melbourne receives the least amount of sunshine of any major city in Australia, it still receives its fair share of sunlight.

According to, Melbourne enjoys roughly 2,200 hours of sunshine annually. This translates into approximately 185 total days of sun per year. These figures remain relatively the same for the rest of surrounding Victoria.

The competition for these solar energy resources has led to some of the best solar power technologies anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the amount of sunshine and the abundance of solar energy companies, an increasing number of people are using solar power in Melbourne.

The amount of electricity you get from your Solar in Melbourne is also impacted by your roof orientation, for example solar panels on a north facing roof with a pitch of 20 degrees will generate more power than solar panels on a flat surface or on a west or east facing roof, but in general you can expect;

Average kilowatt hours (kWh) a day from 5kW of Panels
Summer Winter Average
25.5kWh 12.5 19kWh

2. Affordability

Perhaps the number one reason to use solar power in Melbourne are the savings.

Simply put, solar energy is affordable. Although the initial investment and installation can be pricey, you’ll quickly start saving money on your monthly electricity bills.

Several studies have shown that a solar energy system will pay for itself in less than seven years in Australia.

How does this energy savings work?

Well, for starters, a solar energy system enables you to generate your own electricity. You can then use this electricity for all your home or business electricity needs.

Excess electricity can be stored in a solar battery. You can then use this stored electricity to power your home at night or at other times with minimal sunlight.

A more popular alternative is to hook your system up to the traditional power grid. Any excess energy produced by your system that can’t be used is then fed into the traditional grid.

A power meter positioned between your solar inverter and the power grid keeps track of your energy production and use. You then receive energy credits based on how much electricity you provide for the power grid.

These energy credits can be used to pull electricity from the power grid during the night and low sunlight hours for free – further saving you money.

The process of connecting your home solar system to the power grid and receiving these energy credits is known as net metering.

3. Additional Incentives

Additional solar energy incentives are available through the Australian government.

Chief among these is an incentive as part of the federal Renewable Energy Target that helps you reduce the up-front cost of installation.

This incentive is largely aimed at residential solar energy systems. Although the exact incentive depends on a variety of different factors, the most common incentive is around a 30% reduction in the total cost of installation.

Although the feed-in tariff incentive is no longer available in Melbourne or Victoria, this installation incentive can still help customers save a lot of money.

The incentive typically only covers the up-front costs for the installation of solar energy systems of 100kW or less in capacity.

4. Good Investment Opportunity

Quality solar energy systems are rapidly becoming more affordable to install.

In addition, they are quickly becoming even more efficient and effective at converting sunlight into usable energy.

Both of these factors combine together to make solar energy a great way to save money on electricity bills.

But that’s not all. Most solar energy systems pay for themselves in as little as three to five years (with seven years being the current average).

This means that a solar energy system is an excellent investment opportunity. After the first three to seven years, your solar panels will likely be completely paid for.

After this, you’ll basically be receiving all your household electricity for free.

Add onto this the fact that most solar energy systems last for at least twenty-five years and the cost-savings benefits are even more appealing.

5. Helps the Environment

Solar power is much better for the environment than many other energy sources.

According to the Department of the Environment and Energy, solar energy doesn’t produce any air pollution or water pollution.

Furthermore, the use of photovoltaic panels for solar energy drastically reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

Of course, these environmental benefits come into effect once the solar energy system is installed and working. Like most manufacturing processes, the actual construction of the solar panels does have a normal amount of environmental impact.

All told, however, the use of solar energy in your home or business has a net positive environmental impact.

6. Range of Options

There are a huge variety of options for installing a solar energy system in Melbourne.

In addition to a seemingly endless amount of sizing options for your photovoltaic array, there are a number of unique systems and layouts in themselves.

Hire a reputable solar installer in Melbourne to assess your needs before installation. An expert assessment will help ensure that the solar energy system you choose best fits your requirements and preferences.

Solar Energy Masters is committed to designing the best solar power setup for your home or business to save you as much money as possible.

Furthermore, we only use the absolute best components, materials, and products to ensure the longest duration process as well as the utmost in durability throughout the life of your solar panels.

Most importantly, our solar power experts will help you figure out how much energy you need to power your home or business, so that we can then design a solar panel setup that provides exactly that amount of energy with minimal excess.

The range of options available ensures your peace of mind that you installed the best product for you.

Why We Should Be Your Melbourne Solar Installer


Here at Solar Energy Masters, we’re committed to providing all our customers with top quality service and products.

Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer

Unlike other companies that provide solar systems, we not only sell a wide range of solar energy products, but we also install them at your home or business.

We use our years of experience and expertise to help you select the absolute best solar energy system for your home or business that most closely matches your needs and preferences.

Most importantly, we strive to provide you with a solar power system that not only adequately meets your energy needs, but also saves you as much money as possible.

In fact, our team regularly helps our customers save up to 80% on their monthly electricity bills thanks to our highly efficient solar energy systems.

We’re committed to using only the absolute best solar panels on the market. These Tier 1 products are not only the most efficient, but they’re also the most durable and reliable. The quality is second to none.

Finally, our individualised approach ensures you get exactly what you expect from your system.

Our highly-skilled team is not only customer-focused, but also extremely professional and courteous with an incredibly wide breadth of industry knowledge and experience.

Even after your solar energy system is installed, we’ll continue to work closely with you to maximize your savings and energy management.

Here is more information on our products and our services to help you decide if working with Solar Energy Masters is right for you.


After reading the above information, it’s easy to see that there will never be a better time than NOW to install solar energy for your home or business here in Melbourne.

Let’s recap:

  • Melbourne may not receive as much sunlight as other cities but it’s still over 2200 hours hours annually. This equates to great savings on your energy bills.

  • This allows you to:
    – Pay off your system quickly
    – AND you could also save substantially, for instance: if you purchase a 3kW solar system it can pay for itself within 3 to 5 years.


  • The government rebate means that the average discount for a solar system in Melbourne is about 30 to 50 percent of the system’s up-front cost.

On top of these amazing financial reasons, there’s the peace of mind in knowing that you’ve played a significant part in easing pressure on the national grid and the harmful burning of fossil fuels.

Why should you use Solar Energy Masters?
Because there is no one in the country better equipped than us with the expertise and experience in providing you with the optimum system to achieve all of the above.

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Compare 3 Competitive Quotes From Our Solar Experts

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