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10 Benefits of Solar Energy

There are many benefits of solar power which we will outline below. These benefits make the decision to invest in this renewable energy source a very easy decision to make.

In 2018 1.55 GW of solar panels were installed on Australian homes, that’s 6 panels installed every minute! And that’s just residential solar, commercial solar installations increased by 45%. The growth of solar energy in Australia is huge and with good reason. The benefits are many, here are just a few:

1. Environmental Impact

The financial benefits are obvious and we’ll get to these shortly but some people are unaware of just how much you can reduce your carbon footprint with a PV solar system.

By using your own solar generated power, you will reduce CO2 emissions generated by coal and gas power production; the biggest source of carbon pollution worldwide. But to what degree? Let’s shed some light on this:

Australia uses coal and gas to generate electricity to power the national grid.

Each kWh of electricity generated by a coal power plant produces 1.18kg of CO2 emissions.

A 5 kW solar power system will produce on average 20kW/h per day.

That’s 20kW/h x 1.18kg of CO2 = 23.6kg x 365 (days of the year)
= 8.6 Tonnes of CO2 emissions saved per year.

Planting 1 tree can absorb approx 21kg of CO2 per year.

A 5kW system is equivalent to planting 395 trees per year.

Therefore, over its 25 year warranty period, your system equates to planting 9,875 trees, roughly 54 acres of forest.

That’s very significant environmental impact.

Solar Carbon Footprint

2. Free Energy Source

Let’s face it, the sun has been around for a few years, and it’ll be around for a few more! There is no governing body or corporation controlling its output, and there never will be.

It’s a completely free, abundant source of energy.

In fact, the sun actually generates enough free energy to provide power to the entire population of our planet. This however would mean large scale co-ordination and cooperation of a number of countries.

Solar power is a true renewable energy source which uses photovoltaic panels to harness free energy from the sun. Even though your system will continue to work on cloudy days, we are extremely fortunate that Australia is blessed with a large amount of annual sunshine.

Melbourne, which has the least amount of sunshine for an Australian city, still enjoys approximately 2200 hours per year. This abundance of sunshine gives Australians the opportunity to take advantage of their location and maximise the benefits of a free energy supply.

3. Government Incentives

Global warming, conservation and environmental issues in general, are a global concern.

Many governments around the world are placing more importance on these issues. As part of future planning and minimising environmental impact by our ever-growing population, many governments are offering financial incentives for households and businesses to invest in solar power.

This eases pressure on the national grid as demand decreases.

In Australia, the average government rebate for installing a solar energy system is approximately 30 to 50 percent of the system’s up-front cost.

This is a significant discount which makes your investment in solar a much easier decision to make.

4. Reduce Your Energy Bills

Installing a solar energy system mitigates the constant fluctuations in electricity prices.

There is something very liberating in having your own power source.

The amount that you save on your bill will depend on your energy consumption, and the size of solar energy system you have installed.

Solar energy systems generate more power during daylight hours.

For a residential solar system, most people are out at work during this period and their demand for energy from home appliances is at its lowest. In this case, when there is a surplus of power, the system sends this excess back to the grid which effectively spins your electric meter backwards.

This is known as ‘Net Metering’.

During the evening when your demand for power is higher, you will receive power from your solar system and power from the grid if there is a shortfall.

The end result is a much lower fuel bill from your energy provider.

For a business, the period of highest output from your solar system coincides with the period of highest demand by your business – which is ‘Business Hours’.

Goverment incentives plus the coincidence of output v demand timings, make solar a great investment.

5. Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance Solar panel

Solar energy systems have no moving parts. This makes the likleyhood of repairs and replacements extremely small. Hence the reason why good quality solar panel manufacturers can offer really long warranty periods with confidence. They are the closest thing to a Set-and-Forget investment that you are ever likely to make. Moreover, as part of our service, we remotely monitor your system for perfomance, getting notified of any issues instantly.

6. Add Value to your Home

The popularity of solar power increases year on year. If you ever consider selling or renting your home or business, having a solar energy system installed will be an extremely positive benefit. If you consider this from the buyer/renter perspective, investing in a property that is going to offer big reductions in on-going fuel bills is going to be really attractive.

 7. Self Sufficiency

Becoming completely independent from the national grid supply is a liberating thought and very possible if you’re keen to make the investment. Our experts can offer advice on how to best achieve this given your own independent circumstances. Each case is unique with regard to energy requirements, size of potential installation on your property and energy storage needs.

8. Proven Technology

Solar energy generation has been around for a long time, most people would be surprised to hear that electricity was generated by the first solar cells back in 1839 by the French physicist Edmond Becquerel. However, it wasn’t until the 25th of April 1954 that Bell Labs invented the first practical solar cell using silicon.

Since then the solar industry has gone from strength to strength, gaining momentum as efficiencies improved. Advances in solar techology have grown as global awareness of the need for renewable energy increased. As with any technology there are constant improvements but when you look at the figures it’s easy to see that the earlier you invest in solar, the greater the rewards.

9. Location Independence

In our fast-paced world of technology, there are always areas where creativity comes to the fore and solar is no different. Mobile solar systems are now a reality, offering remote locations that are ‘Off-Grid’ the opportunity of having electricity. Large scale events are now possible to be powered utilising transportable ‘Solar Farms’.

10. Expandability

You may not be aware but solar energy systems are expandable. This means that the system you install today to meet your present needs can be updated and increased in future should you power requirements change. This is extremely beneficial if you significantly extend your property or expand your business and thus your energy demand

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