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Who are Solar Energy Masters?

Solar Energy Masters is a leading Australian PV solar provider for commercial properties, businesses and households.


We are Australia’s fastest growing network of solar energy experts, dedicated to saving you money and providing you with the optimal solar energy system.

Our Growing Network

In addition to installing PV Solar on countless residential homes, our team has helped many businesses in both the public and private sectors, achieve up to 80% savings on their electricity bills and increasing profits substantially.

We have a high level of expertise in energy generation systems and quality product and can help you make the best possible decisions so you can take control of your energy generation and reduce your power costs.

Solar Energy Masters is only prepared to install top quality Tier One solar panels, inverters and optimisers from world-renowned manufacturers. We use experienced electricians and accredited solar installers who have been installing systems for many years, with a reputation for quality workmanship and great after-sales service.

We enthusiastically support the worldwide move towards adopting renewable energies and seeking a fossil fuel free future. We are always happy to chat about how solar can contribute to a clean future for generations of Australians.

We have an experienced, customer-focussed team, with a high level of expertise in energy generation systems and quality products. We help people make the best possible decisions so they can take control of their energy generation and reduce their power costs.

What you can expect from us




We’re not focussed on just selling and installing a product; the Solar Energy Masters’ team is customer service driven and uses a highly qualified engineering team to develop the most ideal system for your individual needs. Our operations are underpinned by extensively tested, well-established and reliable systems and processes.

Product and industry knowledge and experience


We have considerable experience in diverse environments and are constantly adding to our product knowledge as developing technology impacts on products.

Quality products and service


We will recommend high quality products, backed by extended and reliable warranties to give you peace of mind. Our service encompasses all stages of the process; from initial consultation to project completion, and of course after sales service.

Strong manufacturer & wholesaler relationships


High sales volume, represents better buying power and stronger relationships with manufacturers and wholesalers. We can consequently demand prompt and reliable service from our suppliers. Supplier dependability: we are only prepared to use suppliers that we can trust to be around when you need them.

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