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Solar Power For Businesses

Significant reductions in commercial power costs can be achieved with a solar system, together with the environmental benefit of a diminishing carbon footprint.

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Commercial energy use is a perfect marriage with solar PV, as generally speaking, most commercial premises consume more electricity during daylight hours, when the generation of solar power is occurring. The opposite is generally true for residential solar, where generally the household is empty and power consumption is low during the day when power generation from the solar PV system is at its highest. 

As the sun moves higher in the sky, solar generation peaks and this coincides with refrigeration and air conditioning commonly working harder in commercial premises.

Any calculations contained here are based on local weather conditions averaged over several years. Your location will affect power output as will a number of factors. For example, if you installed solar panels in Perth WA, they’d be exposed to a lot more sunshine hours than solar panels in Melbourne Victoria. It’s for these and many more variables that the information we can give here is of a general nature, we highly recommend you get in touch for an accurate solar quote.

Traditionally, electricity consumed from the Grid has been priced higher during the day, which has proved to be a significant disadvantage for commercial operations.

So how does a solar system interact with the electricity grid to ensure power is always available when you need it? The solar PV system works in partnership with the Grid to provide all your energy requirements. If the solar system is unable to generate sufficient electricity at any one time, then electricity is drawn from the grid and charged by the relevant Utility. For more in-depth information, read our article on how solar panels work.

All of our commercial systems are monitored by an after-sales live service monitoring system to maximise power generation and minimise the impact of potential faults on your business. Should a system stop working, we will be informed immediately and can then organise a technician to investigate.

Service You Can Count On


We recognise that having good equipment is not enough on its own — providing good service and a reliable backup, if anything ever goes wrong, is essential.

For commercial installations, our after-sales service commitment is comprehensive, including a review and report one year after installation. This looks at how your system is performing and how your electricity provider’s bills compare to your pre-PV Solar installation.

We Install Commercial Solar Australia-wide

Preston Fresh Seafood 100kW
Smithfield, Cairns, QLD
We have installed on IGA’s all over Australia, including:
Morris Fresh (pictured), Marmion, Utakarra, Pemberton, Manning, Beechboro, St James IGA express, Edmonton, Pease St
More than 10 installations for Multiple Sclerosis WA including:
Wilson (2), Davenport, City Beach, Beechboro, Hamilton Hill

These are just a few examples of our solar installations for businesses pictured above. Contact us now to find out how our experienced team can help your business lower its energy bills.

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