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Our service - service you can rely on.

We recognise that having good equipment is not enough on its own; providing good service and a reliable back up if ever anything goes wrong, is essential.

We are committed to:

  • Honesty and openness in working with our clients
  • Quality products backed by excellent warranties
  • High standard, individually tailored installations to maximize electricity generation
  • Service throughout the process and into the future.

Excellence in our business

Our focus has been pursuing excellence in our core business of solar panel installations in Perth and country Western Australia.

We want to be the best – a solar company that our clients are proud to be associated with and have confidence in. We are constantly striving to improve on our service to clients and our processes, maintain our high product standards and further develop our professional and dependable team.

Helping each individual client achieve the BEST outcomes

Our unique approach involves completing an individual analysis of a business; it’s energy consumption and energy related costs, to produce a comprehensive and client-tailored report. This equips clients with the information to make well-informed decisions on which option will be the most cost effective and financially beneficial to them. This has proved to be the key to our success in Perth and regional western Australia.

Delivering optimum savings & energy management

We look at the whole energy consumption and delivery picture for clients and offer diverse solutions for optimising savings and energy-management. This can include generator installations and other energy-management functions to further enhance our value-adding to businesses.

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